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Hi, I am Leo Rosen-Fischer!

Whenever i am not throwing whole foods at people in my nutrition practice, i work as a professional climber and entrepreneur. I run a climbing education company in Washington and Oregon called Tree Climbing At Silver Falls, that teaches old-growth tree climbing and rock climbing lessons. 

I am also working to start a non-profit restaurant in Portland, called Veg Head, that will use all of its profits to provide free nutrition education for the surrounding community. I consider it my mission to make Veg Head a successful restaurant chain that uses its profit for acts of altruism in the field of nutrition.

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Personal Life

I am always open to trying new things and experiencing the diversity of life. My hobbies include traveling, tree climbing, experiencing new cultures, learning Spanish, rock climbing, Bachata and Swing dancing, and nature, sailing, hiking, and attempting meditative yoga. I also enjoy science fiction, board games, and strategy video games. You would be surprised that some strategy video games are more complicated than running a business! I like to say i got some of my business sense from certain strategy games haha 

Nutrition in My Life

I like to use holistic nutrition and the latest nutrition research to achieve my mission to help you or your family to live a long quality life full of health! Every person i work with is already wonderful, i just help people reach their goals for health or personal ambitions with my knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle guidance. 

In my personal life, i use sports nutrition to help increase my climbing abilities and success. Nutrition has really helped me reach an expert level of climbing.


I also use nutrition as a type of preventative medicine to reduce my chances of getting chronic diseases. I want to live a long active quality life, because there is so much to experience in life, yet little time.

I also try to live an almost entirely plant based lifestyle, mainly for environmental reasons and personal health. Although it is funny because one of my favorite foods is cheese (especially swiss cheese) and my family is Swiss. So we always get together over a melting pot of Swiss cheese fondue, its tradition!


Nutrition Training

I obtained my masters degree in nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). NUNM's scientific and research based nutrition program also creates some of the newest nutrition research and scientific publications in the field of nutrition, check them out! 

On top of my master's degree i am also a certified nutritionist in Washington and Oregon State.


I actually got my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Communication and started a law school program. However, I quickly ran away from that when i realized my love for nutrition. I went back to school to get my Bachelors of Science in nutrition for a masters program.

Other Professional Highlights

  • 10+ years of teaching, coaching, and instructing.

  • 5+ years cooking and chefing professionally 

  • 9+ years of business and project management experience

I enjoy project management and problem solving with creative outside of the box solutions. I hope to use my abilities to help people experience a healthier and higher quality of life.


I also want to make a contribution to a healthcare policy change in the U.S. that employs a greater emphasis on disease prevention with nutrition, rather than symptomatic treatment

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